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A Note of Explanation on Pseudonyms

As a matter of protocol, the students in Social Research: Qualitative Methods assigned every interviewee a pseudonym. The pseudonyms were created by taking a first name from the National Hurricane Center name list of 2003 and a last name from the Modern Library's list of favorite authors. We regarded this as a reasonable courtesy since the Adulting Manual is not something that had been made before, so interviewees could not be entirely certain how their interviews would figure into the finished product.


After the first draft of the Adulting Manual was complete, we contacted interviewees to make sure they could see the finished product. Many of them liked their pseudonyms and agreed to keep them, and a few asked to use their real names. Some elected to keep their biographies private. We feel that the information here, whether listed pseudonymously or using real names, gives enough of a snapshot of each interviewee for readers to see the true breadth of people who offered advice and whose interviews made this Adulting Manual possible in the first place.


Alex Adams

Cindy Adams

Melissa Adams

Joyce Barry

Bonnie Bellow

Cindy Bellow

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Burgess

Dean Burroughs

Gabrielle Burroughs

Chris Cain

Marco Cain

Marco Cain II

Ana Caldwell

Ernesto Caldwell

Fred Caldwell

Julia Caldwell

Lorenzo Caldwell

Victor Caldwell

Earl Cheever

Barry Clancy

Florence Clancy

Ingrid Clancy

Felix Clansy

Larry Conrad

Dean Davies

Isaac Davies

Ike Donleavy

Gustav Dos Passos

Hanna Dreier

Isaac Ellison

Teresa Ellison

Anna Farrell

Erika Farrell

Kyle Farrell

William Ferrell

Bonnie Fitzgerald

Irene Fitzgerald

Jose Fitzgerald

Joyce Fitzgerald

Ana Ford

Alex Ford

Karen Ford

Les Fossel

Katrina Fowles

Lee Fowles

Tami Gilbert

Felix Golding

Tony Golding

Julia Gordon

Karla Graves

Jose Harvey

Erika Herbert

Paula Hershal

Larry Huxley

Nicholas Huxley

Otto Huxley

Isaac Irene

Ingrid Jackson

Felix James

Odette James

Olivia Jones

Gordon Kennedy

Bret Kesey

Bret Kipling

Rita Kipling

Grace Lawrence

Ernesto Lee

Lee Lee

Michael Lee

Chris Lewis

Dolly Lewis

Fred Lewis

Melissa Lewis

Tammy Lewis

Vicky Lewis

Arlene London

Cindy London

Fiona Lovecraft

Teresa Lovecraft

Colin Lowry

Fay Lowry

Gustav Lowry

Irene Lowry

Sam Lowry

Valerie Lowry

Bret Mailer

Ernesto Mailer

Katrina Mailer


Arthur Miller

Colin Miller

Felix Miller

Karl Miller

Dolly Nabokov

Erin Nabokov

Grace Nabokov

Anna Nozick

Erika O'Brian

Barry O'Brien

Kyle O'Brien

Fred O'Connor

Hanna O'Hara

Igor O'Hara

Arthur Percy

Harvey Percy

Ingrid Percy

Sebastian Percy

Dennis Powell

Julia Powell

Rick Roman

Andrea Roth

Earl Roth

Rose Roth

Olga Rushdie

Karl Salinger

Wilfred Salinger

Mary Smith

Quentin Tarkington

Earl Van

Vince Vonnegut

Tolkien West

Vince Wilder

Arlene Woolf

Rhonda Wright


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