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Beta Testers

Page history last edited by Holly Swyers 6 years, 7 months ago

The following students beta-tested the first draft of the Adulting Manual on October 30, 2017:


Yessenia Alvarado '20 (Elementary Education and Spanish major)

Meghan Bellamy '18 (English major)

Miko Delacruz '18 (Communication major)

Nouha Ezouhri '19 (Finance major)

Leslie Gonzalez '20 (Neuroscience and Psychology major)

Ramona Gyorfi '20 (Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology major)

Quinn Hendershot '20 (Psychology major)

Dean Jepsen '19 (Communication major)

Katrina Johnson '19 (Asian Studies and Business major) 

Maddie Johnson '18 (Business major)

Billy Kent '18 (Business major)

Jack Kroger '20 (Finance major)

Joscelyn McCoy '21 (Psychology major)

Krista Meuli '18 (Neuroscience major)

Justina Nawrot '20 (Psychology major)

Alejandra Ocampo '20

Elias Ortiz '18 (Communication major)

Oliva Parrott '20 (Environmental Studies major)

Paula Pelletier '21

Mustafa Rahman '18 (Biology major)

Michael Rehm '18 (Business major)

Emma Reeser '18 (Economics and International Relations major)

Fatlinda Rexha '20 (Philosophy major, Legal Studies minor)

Keara Schweiger '19 (Education major)

Andrew Shweky '19 (Communication major)

Brandon Siaj '18 (Chemistry major)

Lahana Straley '20 (Business major)

Sydnie Swizter '18 (Art major, Digital Media Design minor)

Ayda Taksir '20 (Theater major)

Katherine Torres '19 (Math major)





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