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When and How to Get a Lawyer

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When do you need a lawyer and how do you find one?


When to get a lawyer

Most of the adults interviewed suggested having a lawyer in your back pocket just in case of running into any troubles, especially in situations that you don't have experience to do on your own. Some examples of situations in which one would want a lawyer is in any purchase agreements like that of buying a house.


Consider the legalities of life

For the construction of and the follow through of a will and an estate, or for a pre-nup, although you don't necessarily need a lawyer to get married. When starting a business, having a lawyer is particularly important to ensure the legality of your business, and for when you might be asked to sign any legal agreement. Lawyers can be very important if you’re involved in any sort of accident (whether it be car or work related). If you were involved in any illegal activities or if you were wronged in a situation, a lawyer might be helpful to you. You can also consider getting a lawyer to help determine a power to an attorney Lawyers typically charge a pretty hefty sum, so when you get out of college it probably isn't in your budget to consult with a lawyer.  


Consider your financials

Being young and out of school, not being able to pay for a lawyer coincides with convenience. If you can handle situations on your own then it is beneficial to do so because you’ll save a lot of money in the process.  Even as you get older and financially stable years, it may not be necessary to have and use a lawyer at all times.  If you have the time to read through documents and make an educated decision on certain circumstances, it still saves a lot of money.  But if you have the money to do so, it's easier for you to have lawyers at your disposal. 


Consider your location

Another factor to take into consideration is that your lawyer cannot travel with you, unless you are in high financial standing or if the business you work for has a lawyer that travels on the company's behalf. If that isn't the case, people will need to find other lawyers in different locations. Also, laws are change depending on where you are and in different states, and international laws can be quite complicated. It is beneficial to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws in your particular state or region. In order to cover yourself fully, it is best to find one in your area and working in your specific area of needs. 


How to find a lawyer

An interviewee, Julia Caldwell, suggested to “interview a bunch [of lawyers] in order to find the right one. Lawyers specialize in things now.” If you have a generalized lawyer they are usually the best bet in finding a specialized lawyer for your specific needs because of their network reach to get you into the right hands.  Other than that, most interviewees suggested asking family, friends, or even coworkers to see who they've used or know of as a good lawyer as they are the only ones who can give you actual legal advice


This page was developed from interviews with:

Julia Caldwell, Bonnie Burgess, Joyce Barry, Quentin Tarkington, Ingrid Jackson, Arlene London, Melissa Adams, Gustav Dos Passos, Bret Kesey, Arlene Woolf 


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