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Unexpected Aspects Living On Your Own

Page history last edited by Holly Swyers 5 years, 4 months ago

What is one thing you did not expect when you first started living on your own?


Social Life:

It is hard to find a new social circle once you leave college. You may experience loneliness and should try to prepared for it. Even though it seems that college students should know everything about living with a roommate, you may not expect the dynamic between yourself and your roommates. Even rooming with a best friend might be an unexpected challenge for you. You should expect to split the responsibilities and make a schedule for the kitchen. 



The cost for independent living is unexpectedly high. You may not expect the rent to cost so much, and managing such high expenses is difficult. There are also additional payments outside of the rent. The cost for groceries and other necessities is high and managing a monthly budget requires a lot of work. Once you live on your own you need to learn how to economize your budget


New Responsibilities:

The household tasks require some getting used to. The frequency at which you need to buy food changes once you live independently. indicated to be unexpectedly high. Doing laundry is something you may need to get used to.


You need to learn how to stand up for yourself. You are your most important advocate. Try to find your own, honest voice to stand up for yourself. You can find help from people who you consider wise, but developing your own opinions and voicing them in a respectful manner is key. (Cindy Adams)


Living accommodations:

The place you chose to live in can affect your life in many ways. Something people rarely think about until they start living independently is how proximity to work and social places can shape your schedule. Your house should be your sanctuary, not just the place to spend the night. If you are uncomfortable in your own home your whole life will be negatively impacted. 



This page was developed from interviews with:

Cindy Adams, Marco Cain, Ingrid Percy, Dolly Lewis, Dolly Nabokov, Barry Clancy, Ike Donleavy, Kyle O'Brien, Dean Davies, Michael Lee


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