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Content Planners and Developers

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Anthropology of Education

For the anthropologist, education is the mechanism of social reproduction, a strategy not limited to schooling but in fact encompassing a person's entire life. For much of the world, the privileging of schooling as a site of education has had real ramifications on the possibility of maintaining cultural forms that go against the pressures of globalization and capitalism. This course opens with a broad consideration of education before focusing on schooling as the preferred institutional form of education under early 21st century globalism. Our questions will include both how schooling operates to maintain existing social structures and power relations and the possibilities - and consequences - of schools as a site of change.


Student content planners and developers

George Argiropoulos

Elisabeth Bacon

Gabriella Bomben

Emily Bowens

Kristin Bradford

Aidan Bybee

Diana Caballero

Jack Hirsch

Rebecca Howell

Tatyana Hyles

Victoria Karker

Ryan Kelekian

Damali Mills

Asher Mintzer

Kara Norvet

Victoria Parrott

Alexis Smith

Shin Suzuki


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