Interviewers and Content Developers

Social Research: Qualitative Methods

Qualitative methods are used by both anthropologists and sociologists for working in small, bounded communities. The primary methodology of qualitative researchers, ethnography, tends to be more associated with anthropology as a result of disciplinary history. The writing of ethnographic 'thick description' is part art and part science, a methodology most easily learned by doing. This course is designed to give students exposure to the ins, outs and ethics of ethnographic research methods and to help students develop a sense of when such methods are appropriate. Course work will include fieldwork of various types culminating in research projects determined by the students.


Student interviewers and content developers

David Carrillo

Jennifer Cerer

Lindsay Ciardelli

Jessica Cline

Dalila Dzambo

Mackenzie Ellis

Anna Faber

Connor Gow

Sydney Hintermesiter

Camryn Hirsch           

Tatyana Hyles

Sarah Johns

Victoria Karker

Roger Levy

Daisy Lopez

Jacqueline Lopez

Maham Mansoor

Nebojsa Markovic

Holly McHenry

Carly Mitchell

Sophia Najjar

Alexis Nogulich

Guadalupe Ornelas

Cassandra Owen

Amanda Peterson

Darya Rodina

Aisha Shaikh

Chase Slagboom

Abigail Stone Lauer

Benjamin Taylor

Daisy Torres

Kara Voss