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Questions relating to family, friends, significant others:


In what ways does social life change as you move into adulthood and as you get older?


How do you decide which friendships to maintain, and what are ways you can grow apart that might mean you need to cut ties with someone?


What are good strategies for meeting people and building safe, healthy relationships with them in adult life? 


What are some of the challenges of getting older together as a family, and what are some good ways to handle them?


How do you decide how to prioritize different relationships at different points of life?


What are good rules of thumb for deciding the best way to communicate with someone in terms of calling, emailing, texting or meeting in person?


What are some strategies for managing family and social pressures and judgment about personal decisions?


What advice would you give a young person about approaching difficult conversations about death or loss?


What are the best ways to open a conversation with a significant other when you want to talk about a potential change to the relationship (ranging from moving in together to having kids to breaking up)?