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Welcome to the Adulting Manual

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Cartoon by Sophie Baer: https://www.redbubble.com/people/sqbr/works/3033216-welcome-to-adulthood


What is this?

The Adulting Manual is an advice guide for college students pulled together from a mix of advice from adults ranging from fresh graduates to retirees and from various internet sources.


Who made it?

It is the product of joint efforts by students from Lake Forest College in Holly Swyers's classes on the Anthropology of Education and Social Research: Qualitative Methods. It has also involved the contributions of over 150 members of the Forester Career Network. It was improved by the input of several Lake Forest College student beta-testers.


How was it made?

Over the course of 2017, participants in this project have been developing information around the question: what skills does a young person need in order to transition successfully to adulthood in the United States? 


In the spring, Anthropology of Education students interviewed dozens of their classmates to find out what topics concerned them most about adulthood. They then took their questions to the internet and compared the advice offered by a variety of sites. They explored what advice was most consistently offered and many of the sites they found are linked to this wiki.


In the fall, Social Research: Qualitative Methods students expanded the spring questions and interviewed over 150 people from all walks of life. Students then analyzed the interview transcripts for shared themes and for differences in advice. What students learned from this content analysis forms the core of this advice manual.


Once the wiki was built, we invited several students from across the Lake Forest College community to work as beta testers. They helped identify several ways to make the wiki better.


How can I use it?

Option one: Look to the right and use the Navigator.

Option two: Look to the right and use the Sidebar.

Option three: Look below and click on the links.


Home life

Questions related to setting up and maintaining a place to live



Questions related getting and advancing in a job



Questions related to saving, budgeting, and investing


Communication - personal relationships 

Questions relating to family, friends, significant others


Communication - institutions

Questions relating to banks, insurance companies, landlords


Health and well-being 

Questions related to caring for health and maintaining life balance




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